Kerry Footballs Forced To Workout In Isolation

With all Kerry local clubs and county shut down in terms of group training, players are now being forced to do their own workouts. This includes going for a run and investing in some home gym gym equipment. Andy Morgan posted a great GAA isolation workout on which is definitely worth checking out especially if you are getting stuck for ideas.

Full body bodyweight home workout

It is important to keep moving in these times and even though you may not be able to move the weight you could in the gym you need to minimize the muscle loss in this period. Bare in mind that you are only supposed to be exercising within a 2km distance to your home.

A sample workout can be a circuit of some body weight exercises such as press ups, bear crawls, burpees, walking lunges and body weight squats. A workout like this can be much more challenging than you might think. If you do 20 reps of each of the above exercises than you can really burn a lot of calories and minimize strength loss. It is important to push for the burn which might sound cheesy but you need to make sure you are putting the muscle under as much tension as possible.

If you can afford to pick up a few bits like exercise bands and maybe a pull up bar then you can do pull ups and chin ups to add to your routine. A lot of places are sold out of the above but Mes Tech still have some available and Amazon also have some too. In any case keep active and do 20 – 30 minutes each day. Then when you get back to training it will not be as big of a shock as it could be. The last thing you want to do in this period is sit around the house not being active. Also this is not an excuse to lose track of your diet. If anything your diet needs to be more strict than usual as you are not being as active as normal.

Most importantly stay safe everyone!