Huge amount of tourism is Kerry this summer due to Covid 19

With the country still in phase 3 of lockdown almost 90% of the population are choosing to stay at home for their holidays this year. Kerry has always been one of Ireland’ most popular visiting spots but this year it is all Irish holiday makers that are making their way down to the Kingdom county.

This is great for businesses in Kerry and has reignited their tourism sector that took such a hard hit from March – July. As it stands now in August it is almost impossible to get a booking for a hotel in Killarney or Dingle which are 2 of Ireland’s most popular tourist towns. As the cases have risen over the last few days of the Covid-19 virus it looks like another lock down is almost inevitable but at least Kerry hotels, cafes and restaurants were able to open for the two most popular months of the year.

Lake Hotel Killarney | 4 star Family-run Lake side hotel

Some hotels have chosen not to open as it is not financially viable and of course pubs that don’t serve food can still not open and there is not update on when they will be allowed open. This has caused some controversy as pubs even just serving pizza are allowed to open. Other pubs are choosing to stay closed and even investing in their business by painting the pub and upgrading the chairs and tables. Housetech, one of Ireland’s biggest gaming chair providers has stated that many pubs are now installing gaming chairs and sports screens in a hope to tempt in patrons when they do reopen.

As we head into the summer months there is a general feeling of dread as flu season will begin in September and that could lead many people to think that they have Covid and being quarantined for 14 days. This will lead to high levels of anxiety and stress for many people and it will make office work quite difficult. The all in this together slogan really has run its course and now it is every business for themselves.