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Huge amount of tourism is Kerry this summer due to Covid 19

With the country still in phase 3 of lockdown almost 90% of the population are choosing to stay at home for their holidays this year. Kerry has always been one of Ireland’ most popular visiting spots but this year it is all Irish holiday makers that are making their way down to the Kingdom county.

This is great for businesses in Kerry and has reignited their tourism sector that took such a hard hit from March – July. As it stands now in August it is almost impossible to get a booking for a hotel in Killarney or Dingle which are 2 of Ireland’s most popular tourist towns. As the cases have risen over the last few days of the Covid-19 virus it looks like another lock down is almost inevitable but at least Kerry hotels, cafes and restaurants were able to open for the two most popular months of the year.

Lake Hotel Killarney | 4 star Family-run Lake side hotel

Some hotels have chosen not to open as it is not financially viable and of course pubs that don’t serve food can still not open and there is not update on when they will be allowed open. This has caused some controversy as pubs even just serving pizza are allowed to open. Other pubs are choosing to stay closed and even investing in their business by painting the pub and upgrading the chairs and tables. Housetech, one of Ireland’s biggest gaming chair providers has stated that many pubs are now installing gaming chairs and sports screens in a hope to tempt in patrons when they do reopen.

As we head into the summer months there is a general feeling of dread as flu season will begin in September and that could lead many people to think that they have Covid and being quarantined for 14 days. This will lead to high levels of anxiety and stress for many people and it will make office work quite difficult. The all in this together slogan really has run its course and now it is every business for themselves.

Kerry Footballs Forced To Workout In Isolation

With all Kerry local clubs and county shut down in terms of group training, players are now being forced to do their own workouts. This includes going for a run and investing in some home gym gym equipment. Andy Morgan posted a great GAA isolation workout on which is definitely worth checking out especially if you are getting stuck for ideas.

Full body bodyweight home workout

It is important to keep moving in these times and even though you may not be able to move the weight you could in the gym you need to minimize the muscle loss in this period. Bare in mind that you are only supposed to be exercising within a 2km distance to your home.

A sample workout can be a circuit of some body weight exercises such as press ups, bear crawls, burpees, walking lunges and body weight squats. A workout like this can be much more challenging than you might think. If you do 20 reps of each of the above exercises than you can really burn a lot of calories and minimize strength loss. It is important to push for the burn which might sound cheesy but you need to make sure you are putting the muscle under as much tension as possible.

If you can afford to pick up a few bits like exercise bands and maybe a pull up bar then you can do pull ups and chin ups to add to your routine. A lot of places are sold out of the above but Mes Tech still have some available and Amazon also have some too. In any case keep active and do 20 – 30 minutes each day. Then when you get back to training it will not be as big of a shock as it could be. The last thing you want to do in this period is sit around the house not being active. Also this is not an excuse to lose track of your diet. If anything your diet needs to be more strict than usual as you are not being as active as normal.

Most importantly stay safe everyone!

Kerry Business Potentially Investing In Adult Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for adults have been popping up on city streets all over the world since 2017 and it seems that everyone is getting on board on this modern craze. Despite still not being allowed on the roads of Ireland or the UK sales have been increasing here in recent months and there is no sign of that stopping. UK adult electric scooter store have reported an increase of 10% since June 2020 in adult electric scooter sales.

kugoo electric scooter

Not be be mistake with kids scooters these are no toy and have quite a bit of power in their electric engines. Reaching speeds of over 15 miles per hour they can be quite dangerous and precautions should be taken when riding. Despite their popularity they are not allowed on UK roads even though other countries in Europe have rushed through legislation in order to cater for electric scooter riders.

The argument against the scooters is that they are not road worthy but they are actually faster than a lot of bikes and could be used in cycle lanes as seen in cities like Germany and Holland. Holland is traditionally a big cycling nation and are famous of thousands of people riding around on bikes each day. This means that they already have many cycle lanes which can help cater to electric scooter riders.

Although bikes are quite dangerous yet have been around for hundreds of years so are generally accepted on the roads even though this frustrates many. Now local businesses are getting in on the market with many bike shops and other small retailers trying to get a slice of the electric scooter pie. Naturally these are quit expensive scooters so there is a big market here which came out of nowhere in the last few years. Whatever your views on the matter electric scooters are here to stay whether people like it or not.

Tralee Tennis Club

We are looking for people to start a tennis group in Tralee:
Tralee tennis club for hosting the event.
• We are looking for 5 – 10 players to start a competition
• Colm Doyle will run the event so please get in touch.