Motorsport in Ireland

by on September 3, 2014

Motorsport is a popular sporting with lots of participants and fans. Motorsport has eleven active disciplines in Ireland each featuring specific cars, competence level, entry requirements and individual calendars. To get better insight on motorsports in Ireland it is best if we get into each discipline individually.

1. Autocross – These are broadly divided into two: those held on grass surface and those on loose surface. Autocross features vehicle competing on circuits against time. The competitor with the best time wins. There are several autocross events spread around the year and in different venues.


2. Autotest – This discipline test more than speed and incorporates other driving skills. Competitors are required to overcome different challenges and obstacles as prescribed on test diagrams. The driver with the fastest time and highest score against the obstacles wins. All cars are eligible for autotest. Autotest events are famous in Kerry, Cork and Dublin.


3. 4X4 Trials – As the name suggests this discipline seeks to gauge the strength of 4X4 as well as driver capabilities. The trucks are often challenging – dirt and mud – dotted with ‘Gates’ which challenge both driver and machine. Cork, Kildare, Tipperary and Wicklow counties hold events for this discipline all year round except during the summer.


4. Hillclimb and Sprints – These are actually two kinds of races, but the principle behind them is similar. Both require a driver to get the best time driving a short enclosed road. While the hillclimb is done uphill, sprints are done on level ground. Hillclimb and sprints events take place between April and September.

5. Karting – This is a discipline which is open to practically anyone who can drive – drivers can be as young as eight! Its lenient rules make karting popular. Karting events are organised and managed by Motorsport Ireland. Their most popular and prestigious event is the Motorsport Ireland Kart Racing Championship.

6. Midget Cars – This discipline features single-seaters that are in their most basic forms. Midget Cars events feature in local and community based festival and charity-based functions. They are sporadic around the country all year around.

7.Navigation Trials – Are you good in map reading and navigation? Then this is the motorsport discipline for you. All vehicles are eligible and the speed limit is regulated. The competition requires two participants: the driver and the navigator. Navigation skill is what is tested in this discipline.

8. Racing – This is the local version of the Formula One. Ireland has only one working racing circuit located at Mondello Park. This is where all the events in this discipline are held. The racing calendar features 20 events held between March and October.

9. Rally Cross – This involves several cars on the same track competing in short races. The results of several races are later combined to get the average scores of the participants. Modification for the cars entered into rally cross is regulated. Events are held in Mondello Park between October and April.

10. Rallying – This has to be the most prominent discipline in motorsport in Ireland. The competition features different stages – timed and spectator. The drivers are expected to complete the competitive or timed stages in the least time possible. There are 30 events spread across the year. To find replacement car parts for your rallying needs try looking on, where you can also find thousands of used ni cars for sale.

11. Sporting Trials – This is a non-timed discipline that requires drivers to navigate through a course without hitting markers. The course is usually a rough terrain and challenges driver skills. Sporting Trial events take place in the farmland and quarries of Dublin between September and April.